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  1. Writed by: Yunyun Wei
  2. Release year: 2019
  3. Genres: Action
  4. tomatometer: 8,4 / 10
  5. director: Yu Yang
  6. audience score: 2797 votes

Better if you understand Chinese (coming from a Chinese person) because I basically died of laughing the whole time aside from the battle. This seems like the perfect analogy of the difference between China and the West: China/Ne Zha: Shamed and exiled for being a demon child returns to seek vengeance and fights till the end those who wronged him. West/Any Western movies: Shamed and exiled and returns to fight but learns the meaning of forgiveness and peace with your enemies, Christian heritage. So China is just an angry little kid who thinks he knows everything.


Nezha: I'll break my fate Wukong: I'mma about to end this man's whole career. Nezha full movia nya mana yak oas iti ada. Finally, a movie about Nezha. The stories I've mostly known where about Sun Wukong and his party in there Journey to the West. 对外国人来说 哪吒六只手臂这个点有点儿超纲了 😆. Movie stream nezha zhi memotong jiangshi. The trailer only reveals the really cool and exciting parts there is actually a lot more. La película parece genial! Like :3 🌹❤☺🇧🇴. I have watched this yesterday this trailer didn't reveal too much, watch the movie then u will know what's actually happened I love it! One of the best animated movie so far for me.

Very smooth and perfect story. Was hestitate to see this movie at first cause of keeping remake of Mokey god sun wukong too many time, different characters but same myth story. Afraid it's was another China patriotic feelings after Earth wandering incident. The first 3 min introduction make me think Its stun me after seeing it, the origin Nezha story change to something meaningful, beautiful Graphic, very long time haven't seen so much laughter in cinema.U have to know some Chinese culture to catch some of the jokes inside, but it's ok even u can't get it. Still a must watch movie of the year...

🌷🌹🌸🥀🌹. Watch Ne Zha zhi mo Megashare Online. Great story. Great characters picture. But like chinese movie. It's such a spectacular movie I was totally blown away while watching it in theater. The director is a genius with extraordinary imagination and a fully grasp of animation movie making. The story is rooted from Chinese ancient myths Nezha. The fantastic adaptation couldn't have been better. It has gained mountains of positive comments in China. Desperately expect it will be watched by more and more people. I love how the movie made me feel so into every single characters. This is the first movie in these years that made me cry with sadness and happiness overflow all over me.


They got me with even little details they put in the movie. Ne Zha zhi mo tong jiang shi Full Free Movie Link. #Ne Zha zhi moWhatKind Ne Zha zhi mo Here. Watch it "Ne Zha zhi mo tong jiang" Online watch ne zha zhi mo tong jiang shi online cinemark.





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